• 5 Reasons Canned Food is Better than Dry Kibble

    Canned or kibble, which food is better for your dog? Many dog owners swear by kibble or dry dog food as it is easy to feed and manage.however, are you sure that it is the best choice for your dog? Dry kibble is usually made on high heat and do not contain as many nutrients as canned food.

    An esa letter helps you to live and travel with your dog easily while a high quality canned food helps you to add years to your dog’s life. Other than the ease of feeding, people prefer kibble because it is more economical than wet food.

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    However, canned food offers many benefits that you will never get with dry kibble. Below, we have listed some of the core benefits of feeding canned food to your dog.

    1. Canned Food has more Meat than Kibble

    Canned or wet food has more meaty chunks and protein content and this is why canned food is more expensive than kibble. Some dry dog food brands try to deceive us by showing a higher percentage of protein, which is wrong.

    Dry food has less water content than canned food and this is why many people assume that dry food is better, which is wrong. Before movig forward checkout some of the dog vest online to gain more control ove your dog.

    2. Canned Food has Fewer Carbohydrates

    Since kibble is dry food, it needs more carbohydrates for binding and folding. Wheat has gluten and this compound creates that bread-like texture. Other than helping to fold and mould the dry kibble, this also works as a filler to cover the lack of proteins.

    Canned food does not need any such binders and this is why they have a limited amount of carbohydrates. Canned food is great for dogs that have grain intolerance.

    3. Canned Food has Fewer Preservatives

    Canned food is preserved through the canning process and once opened, you will have to finish it in a few days. This is not the case with dry kibble. Kibble has a longer shelf life as it could be used for weeks after opening the box. Longer shelf life means a need for more preservatives.

    These added preservatives could pose serious damage to your dog’s health and cause many other health issues also. This is why canned food is a better choice for any dog. Recall that no association can give emotional support animal letters without the remedy of psychological well-being experts.Always remeber that you need an esa letter to live peacefully with your esa dog.

    4. Canned Food is more Palatable than Kibble

    Since canned food has more water and protein content, it is easier to eat and is more palatable than dry kibble. Wet food has a more natural and delectable flavour, which is great for senior dogs also. Also, canned food scarcely contains artificial flavours and colours.

    To enhance the flavour of the dry kibble, the manufacturers add more artificial preservatives and flavours to improve the flavour of the food. These additives could harm your dog’s health in a number of ways like disrupting its digestive system and causing other health problems. Always remember to check the rules of flying with a dog before getting on board with your esa dog.

    5. Canned Food is Great for Overall Health

    Canned and wet food is great for overall and total health. Being rich in proteins and other nutrients, it promotes healthy weight loss. It has a rich amount of water and moisture in it and it prevents bloating in dogs. Having a higher amount of moisture, it is easy to eat and digest and it is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

    Being more palatable than dry kibble, it is easier to eat and digest and it aids in the digestive health of your canine and keeps him healthy for long. In the end checkout some of the emotional support dog vest before applying for an esa letter and then proceed further.

    However, not all canned foods are designed equal. Some canned food brands offer more nutritious and high-quality food. How to find the best canned food for your dog? Discuss it with your veterinarian and check the labels when buying the food.



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